Life is simple, don’t overcomplicate things. Do it the Khaby way. 

Whether you’re convinced or not, Dreams11 surely is. India is surprised with the first-ever collaboration of Khaby Lame with an Indian brand ie.Dream11. 

Viraj Ghelani, in the video is stunned to see his friend eating french fries with toothpicks. So he calls Khaby to simplify this.

Khaby, like in his typical videos, picks up a fry with his fingers and eats it, showing viewers how simple this is in the signature style, extending his arms with unique facial expressions.

Khaby then reveals himself wearing a Dream11 jersey and then points to a placard that says,

Dimaag Lagana Hai Toh Dream11 Pe Laga Na

With this, he emphasises the brand’s message to use their intelligence while selecting a Dream11 team.

Twiter is amazed and so are we!

Dream11 roped in Khaby Lame to do what he does best, perform a task, which a lot of people complicate, in the simplest way possible.