They were arrested after the video was uploaded online.

Drake’s Kiki challenge has caught the internet by the storm these days. As the challenge spreads across the country, it is landing people in trouble for it fools around with the praxis of road safety. And that is no joke.

On Wednesday, three men found themselves in legal soup, for performing the Kiki challenge at Vasai station, next to a moving train.

Their punishment is to clean the railway station for three days.

Twitterati deemed the punishment justified.

One of the three men, was a Youtuber, about whom a WR official said-

“We will take legal action against Dhruv Shah as Funcho Entertainment belongs to him and even he is featured in this video. Making such videos in local trains is illegal”. 

This Funcho Entertainment’s video has reached more than 2 million views.

The challenge, while is not only dangerous for the person performing it, but is also menacing for the other people. Folks, safety first, always. Not just yours, but of your fellow travellers, as well.