Because of the pandemic, there isn’t much to do outside the home, which obviously means we all end up spending a lot of time on the internet, scrolling through stuff. 

During one of these scrolling sessions, I found this piece of genius.


For those wondering, that’s a novella called Kissing the Coronavirus and its plot is exactly what the title suggests: Kissing. The. Coronavirus. 

We are living in 2021, love is love. 


The book is written by M.J. Edwards, who apparently lost her job during the pandemic and that gave her the idea to write her first novel, in which a doctor named Alexa Ashingtonford, who is a part of a team trying to find a cure for corona, falls for it. 

The virus, yes. Awww.

And then there is lots of sexy time. 

Creativity here is soaring and here, I am not talking about the story. I am talking about Alexa’s surname: Ashingtonford. 

That thing does not exist. Not to my knowledge. Or to Google’s first two pages. 

However, I think we can all find peace in the fact that this novel exists. That something so groundbreaking has come out of this fuckall pandemic and is actually inspired by it. That Fifty Shades of Grey and 365 Days finally have some competition. 

And what’s better? Edwards has also written Kissing the Coronavirus 2 and it is just as steamy. Because in this one, the doctor’s ‘horror turns to sexiness’.

Twitter, though, is having a tough time wrapping its head around the concept of the book (it’s 2021, get with the times, Twitter)

However, these comments hardly matter because M.J. Edwards has found two great admirers in her son Richard and a ‘nice reviewer on Amazon’. This is apparently the novella’s back cover.

I have to say I agree with these two because you have to be a special kind of genius to come up with something so original and churn out an erotic novel like this.

Sure, it may be strange. But, to be honest, this is all the kissing we’re getting amidst a pandemic. 

Oh and, you’re welcome. 

Here is the link in case you want to buy Kissing the Coronavirus. Happy reading.