From ‘aasmaan ki unchaaiyon mein‘ to ‘main madarch*d hoon jo yahaan aaya’, the paragliding guy’s viral video broke the internet back in 2019. 

But looks like the fear of paragliding still very much prevails in 2021 and a new (similar) video of a woman screaming while doing the same will send you into déjà vu. 

A video posted by Incredible Himalya, a travel agency, shows a woman prepared for her paragliding experience in Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh. Once she began paragliding, she was scared as hell and couldn’t open her eyes out of fear. The woman kept saying,   

Dheere chalao. Mujhe neeche utaar do, please. 

Netizens had a hearty laugh after watching this viral video and filled the comment section. 


Here’s hoping that this woman overcomes her fear very soon.