Instagram isn’t Instagram anymore, it’s a sky journal. Lately, it is feeding me with more sunsets than my own balcony. If you’re actively swiping stories since a couple of days, you wouldn’t have missed to notice your pals dropping some real cool sunset pictures.

But hey, what’s the buzz all about?

This trend is a new Instagram feature that allows you to ask your friends and followers to drop photos in any genre, not only sunset photos. The trend was initiated by a girl and since then all the Instagrammers have jumped into the bandwagon!

Jagran TV

Since it is a chain, the trend is going viral in reel and stories, and it may quickly boost your follower list. Note that you can only join this trend by clicking on someone else’s story and then uploading your own, so if you have a private or closed group account, the photo you upload will be accessible to everyone.

Nature’s sense of aesthetic is so good, I’m highly impressed.  

As the trend has gained some traction, there is a meme fest occurring alongside.

YJHD’s Naina said jahan hain wahin ka maza lete hain. Hence, I love the trend.