The meek might inherit the Earth but the lazy will still be lazing around. Though many of you may not like to admit it because of the ‘stigma’ attached to it, laziness is a part of you that you just can’t shake off. You know you can travel the world, meet a hundred new people everyday, chase every dream of yours but the truth is you’re just too lazy! Here are 10 things only lazy people will relate to:

1. Some say a five minute break between long stretches of work can be useful. You believe in doing five minutes of work in between long stretches of rest.

2. The only two pieces of furniture you need in your house are the couch and the bed.

3. There are days when you eat food while lazing around in bed and end up leaving the plate in the room for the whole day because you’re too lazy to get up and keep it in the kitchen.

4. Sometimes you sit down to watch TV and realise that the remote is five steps away. Instead of getting up and taking the remote, you just sit there till someone enters the room.

5. Even if a trek to the top of a mountain promises you the sight of a city made of pure gold, you’d still prefer standing at the bottom looking at a bush just chilling.

6. You have taken the quarterly gym membership but after the first day itself the very thought of spending more than an hour lifting things gets too tiring.

7. One look around your apartment will show you a list of things that are half-done : dusting, washing, ironing and so on and so forth.

8. You prefer using the same bed sheet for months only because the thought of making your bed itself exhausts you.

9. You excel in doing multiple things while lying in your bed – you can write lying down, read lying down, knit sweaters lying down!

10. You probably jumped to this last point because you were too lazy to read this whole post!