Life is short and we need to live to the fullest – a memo we receive quite often. But, this also means that there’s not a lot of time and we should let things go. Also, the pressure to live to the fullest is too much to deal with, at times. So instead, do as you please – kyunki, apne ko kya lena dena

And, for today’s gyaan on how short life is, we have memes

A Twitter user, Chai Kadak shared a thread which is too relatable to let go. And, life is too short to not talk about memes. 

Save it for motivation.

Because, nothing good comes out of oversharing with a Bumble match. So jao.

Aise suddenly kaise socialize kar loge? 

This works only if you’re a 16-year-old.

Roadie banega tu?

For more answers – ek garam chai ki pyali is all you need, Anu Malik was wrong.

Understandably, Twitter found these memes too precious. And, the comments are proof.

Because, you can’t always ‘jiyo, khush raho, muskurao’ through life.