Are you an Indian kid?

Are you tired of your mom’s chhittar?

Does your dad often compare you to Sharma ji ka beta?

Well, you’re not alone.

But even with all the taunts and restrictions, desi parents are adorable. 

And IISuperwomanII captures this crazy bunch of people hilariously in her videos on Indian parents. Here are the best of the lot. So, read on if you’ve ever been called khotte da puttar.

1. Every Indian child hears this on a daily basis.

2. Right after this, there’s this demand.

3. These threats have kept so many of us awake.

4. Please papa! I’m not a kid anymore. 

5. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this.

6. Getting permission to go out is serious business and well, lying isn’t the best option.

7. We all know how it actually goes.

8. Oh, the endless comparisons.

9. Ya right. 

10. 20 minutes in parent universe is basically 20 hours.

11. Why can’t ju accept me?

12. Baba has been better at putting Indian kids to sleep than Gabbar.

13. The paradox makes me laugh and cry, at the same time.

14. Every Indian child is still waiting for that car.

15. The ultimate threat of all threats that you DO NOT want to be threatened with.

16. If getting permission is difficult, staying out is even more difficult. Strangely, they do know everything.

17. Jokers aren’t all that bad. Or are they?

18. The car journey after getting caught doing something was always an awkward one.

19. I say ‘no’ for half of the plans simply because of the questions I’ll be asked.

20. Sigh. Maybe they are right after all. Till, then we’ll just be kids to them.

 Glad you’re not the only one in this struggle? So am I.