There was a time when LinkedIn got you jobs, you could connect with professionals in the same field as yours and build your skills by talking to like-minded people. Things have changed.

There are ‘influencers’ on LinkedIn. They post inspirational stories. Most of the time these stories are difficult to believe and people won’t buy what LinkedIn influencers are trying to sell.

Here are some viral LinkedIn posts no one would believe are true.

1. Someone posted this story of an Amazon delivery guy who took up the job of delivering packages after losing his full-time job as an engineer.

It soon became a trend and other LinkedIn users copy-pasted the same post on their feeds. Netizens found the story unbelievable for several reasons. Here are a few of them.

2. A writer posted this story of her boyfriend hitting her in the face only to talk about the power of words in her post.

3. This LinkedIn influencer posted the picture of a domestic worker saying she attained a degree in Business Management but the image clearly showed it was a Higher Certificate in Business Management.

4. Another LinkedIn user posted a story of him working as a moving crew and then how meeting a big company CEO changed his life.


People naturally found it unbelievable to be true.

5. There’s this user who posted that work commute is treasured time and one should reframe it as a time of self-care.


We all know how much we hate commuting to office for long hours. His post also irked netizens.


6. This LinkedIn user posted a story about a random bar manager coming up to her at a party and recognising her as “Aaron from LinkedIn”. He then bought all her friends a round of drinks.

We aren’t buying that shit.


7. Someone whose profile read ‘Bestselling author…’ wrote a long post on how he was molested while he was little, while including emojis, line spacing to game the algo, and tagging all of the other “influencers” with emojis with their names.


This did not seem genuine at all.


8. Author of a book and a keynote speaker, this LinkedIn user posted the story of hiring a candidate who was late to the interview because he met with some accident and shit.


People can’t believe it’s true because nobody gets hired like this.

9. What happens when a restaurant hands your pizza to someone else by mistake? You’d lose your mind, ask for refund and all. This LinkedIn user waited patiently for another pizza and the pizza was more delicious because he waited.


What the fuck was he smoking when he thought people would believe this gyaan on patience.

These posts might aim to inspire people and all but let’s face the truth, they don’t. We know that they are too sugar coated to be true.