Spongebob has ruled our T.V. screens. The cook at Krusty Krab has a special place in everybody’s heart for all the troubles he fell into, for some unknown reason. He’s adorable AF and his friendship with Patrick Star has been one that gave major goals. 

Something happened to that rainbows and unicorn image the moment an artist, Miguel Vasquez, decided to make them into live action figures. We’re not going to talk about all the things this…’experiment’ has begun to look like. See for yourself. Here’s a not really needed ‘before’:

Nick Asia

And here’s what Vasquez made out of them.


Would never want to meet a pissed Patrick.


This will never wipe itself from your memory, will it?


Twitter was very eloquent about what they feel about the whole…experiment.

Some even had suggestions on live action done right.

Well, you can unsee this no more.