Corporate culture can bring out the worst in people by glorifying hustle that is work-version of cramming notes. It gets you good grades but that is about it. Now, changing the culture in the foreseeable future is unlikely, but at least we can laugh about the fact that it is the same everywhere. Loewhaley’s account is a good depiction of that.

1. I personally love how most of these emails end with “enjoy your weekend”. 

2. “Here’s double the work for the same amount of money. But we are removing ‘deputy’ from your designation yayy for you.”

3. Groundhog Day, but without Bill Murray so infinitely sadder.

4. Brenda, excited for 2 hours as the work starts and absent for the rest of the day. If you know you know.

5. So, let me tell you – if you don’t quit within 30 minutes of deciding that you’re going to quit, people are going to know. Everyone. No one is shocked. Most of them don’t care.

6. Pushed back way too much for the “next year”, sigh!

7. My screen has refused to be shared. The team has to use imagination now.

8. Haven’t heard the end of “okay, so this was helpfu…” once. 

9. Corporates flatter themselves by using words like “emergency” for stuff that is anything but. Like the contrast of colours on creatives – what exactly is so urgent about it Rahul?

10. Nooo.

11. Must scroll and register nothing.

12. There is at least one person who wants to listen to you. You guys talk to each other.

Can not.