If you’re already here, you’re should know you chose to click on this and so your offended sentiments are your own doing. 

Now, it is no secret what a Kunal Kamra stand up is going to be about. And this one is no different. 


Kamra starts the set by talking about WhatsApp forwards that his mother receives and reads, leading her to believe that Hindus are actually in danger. Which one can imagine, if you have a son like Kamra, is going to be a weird dinner table conversation. 

LOL, did you honestly think there won’t be a Modi ji reference in there somewhere?


Anyhow, moving on, there is also a quite funny bit about religious conversion. You know, the likes of ‘Love Jihad’.

Kamra also takes a little jab at A.R Rahman in this regard. 

You can watch the whole video here: 

This was 9 minutes well spent!

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