We all remember playing chess in our childhood. It was considered to be a game ‘of and for’ intelligent people. The less intelligent ones wouldn’t even try their hands on this game.

But now what we gonna tell you will change the complete picture. Yes, because World Chess has come up with a new logo for the World Chess Championship. And all the fun lies right here in the logo.


We are sure your eyes must have missed what the Tweeps didn’t. Twitterati has come out with a detailed analysis of this logo which looks more of NSFW.

Ghus ke khelenge

Then there was someone who played Antar dhoondho

Check mate!!!! Ooops I missed the fucckk..

What the hell are they doing?

Hamesha afsos rahega chess kyu nahi khela

Only we sanskaari Indians can relate to this

That’s something really hawwwtt!!


Five time world champion Viswanathan Anand also expressed his opinion on Twitter.

According to reports, he expressed his views in the media as,

Finally, a position where DeepMind [Google’s AI program, which also plays chess] will have to do more than just calculations. If you are in this position, you can count yourself off Santa’s good list. Jokes aside, it [the logo] will definitely get attention.

We have no idea why the organizers chose such a visual, but it has already got a lot of attention worldwide. Thanks to the ‘pawnographic‘ idea.