India has a very large road network and in our travels, we have all come across a lot of funny quotes on different vehicles. From the most common one, ” buri nazar wale, tera mooh kala” to how we should never date a girl, here are a few quotes that are bound to make you laugh:

1. This one will make every girl blush.

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2. He believed in her but she broke his heart.

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3. This guy has figured out how to be stress free. One night stands and zero commitment!

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4. East or west, what policy is the best? Onesty!

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5. Be careful, don’t falow this dangerous fellow!

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6. Sorry ladies, you can’t have him out of wedlock!

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7. In trust, we English.

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8. The delicate lady is too much to handle!

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9. Stuck in traffic? Learn some ‘ farrateydaar’ English.

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10. When his mom asked about his aspirations.

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11. Sound advice to all the married men out there…

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12. Enemies tremble at his approach.

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13. This one is issued in public interest!

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14. If your lover has cheated on you, call Vignesh. NOW!

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15. While we worried about getting jobs, this guy was already saving up.

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16. This is some warning. You wouldn’t want your kids to die of alcohol abuse.

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17. Somehow “saheli” and the quote don’t go together

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18. Aah, here’s one for the kids and old people alike!

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With so many highways and endless traffic jams, sightings of such quotes are innumerable. Put down some of the funniest ones that you have read in the comments section below.