Time and again, fashion brands come up with stuff that makes you sit back and wonder ‘who’d buy this?’. 

However, my logic is that someone does buy these things, that’s the reason they exist. 

For instance, someone does step into a store (or a palace or wherever these things are sold) and thinks to themselves “Yes, let me buy this airplane-shaped bag that can probably not even carry my wallet, keys and sunglasses together”.  

So what if it costs 28 lakhs? 

We are talking about the bag from Louis Vitton’s Autumn-Winter 2021 collection, which has been designed by Virgil Abloh and is earning a lot of criticism online.

Mainly because one can buy an ACTUAL plane for much less. A 1968 Cessna, though vintage, can be gracing your house for 5 lakhs less. 

Time for an obvious pun – that’s just ‘plane’ crazy. 

Anyway, the internet has a lot to say about this creation, and most of it is not very kind. 

As someone who leaves home with enough items to survive on a deserted island, I disapprove of this anyway. Something about this doesn’t ‘land’.