Ladies, what qualities do you look for in your dream man? Tall, rich and handsome are such a passé. One would rather have someone who is loyal, there for you all the time, and adds a lot of spice in your life, right? But finding such men these days is next to impossible. How about being a little practical, here?

So, we women LOVE paani puri! Come to think of it, wouldn’t it make for a much better special someone? No love-hate relationship, only love and lots of free paani! Here are some reasons that prove that having paani puri is so much better than having a boyfriend:

1. It adds just the right amount of spice in your life.

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2. It gives you free paani every time you both meet.

3. Unlike a boyfriend, you don’t have to search hard for it.

It’s easily available at every nook and corner of the town.

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4. You don’t have to spend hours dressing up for paani puri .

It accepts you the way you are.

5. You don’t have to spend a lot on it.

6. It doesn’t expect any gifts from you.

Not at all demanding!

7. It never bails out on you.

You can have it whenever you want to.

8. Romance dies sooner or later, but its masala never will. It can always be refilled!

9. You can smash it as hard as you want to.


10. Paani puri doesn’t feel bad when you say you’ve had enough of it!

11. It will be sweet when you want it, and spicy when you want it.

Just how you like it!

12. It will make you fat, but never say, “Hey, you look fat!”

13. You can have different kinds of paani puri one after the other and it won’t be jealous.

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14. It won’t even mind if you don’t like it enough.

You can always tell it if you didn’t like it.

15. Paani puri never gives you a headache.

16. Your parents also like it as much as you do.

Now, that’s a rare one, right?

17. Strangers won’t stare at you if you indulge in PDA with paani puri in the open.

18. It is available 24*7.

19. You can even share it with your friends.

20. It is not possessive.

And won’t pester you with messages asking “ Where are you, jaan!?”

Hold on tight to your paani puri, ladies! KThanksBye. Bae’s calling!

Photoshop credits: Arya K Sharma