Watermelons are weird vegetables. What I mean by that is that they are huge and unlike other huge vegetables, you can’t exactly cut them into slices and pack them in your veggie bag. They’ll go bad. 


Which poses a serious conundrum, especially in the Sunday vegetable run. See, cos your hands are already full. So either you have to carry a separate bag for it or use your hands to carry it like a baby. 


Either way, there is nothing cool about this. You look like a dork no matter how you carry a watermelon home. 

But after careful research and multiple human tests later, we might have found a solution to this problem. 

Japanese luxury leather brand Tsuchiya Kaban has crafted to hold a single watermelon perfectly. 

Design Boom

The leather bag made by designer Yusuke Kadoi was launched as a part of the brand’s ‘The Fun of Carrying’ initiative. As the bag comes with a snap button, it can be readjusted to the size of the watermelon. 

Now while it’s price is not yet known, it is easy to say that it’s not going to be cheap. But being cool was never cheap. 


But if you don’t care about all that and just want to get the watermelon home or risk getting hit by flying chappals thrown by your mother, you should just use the same cloth bag your father does.