A mother is the best thing that can happen to a child. And Maggi comes a close second! I mean, no child can imagine a world without either of them! And it’s the combination of the great taste of Maggi enhanced by our mother’s cooking that made our bond with the two-minute snack even stronger.

But then, after all those years of unadulterated love, our Maggi was banned and reported to have been harming us all these years. Impossible as it may sound, we did survive in a world without Maggi for almost half a year.

But hey, celebrations are in order! Because Maggi has been deemed safe and is on its way back by the end of the year!

So on this happy occasion, we replaced ‘Maa’ with ‘Maggi’ in 11 epic Bollywood dialogues and they make perfect sense! Check them out:

We’ve always loved you Maggi… *Sobs*