The coronavirus pandemic and the 21-day lockdown has all of us sitting at home. 

Right now, stepping outside is a big NO NO so, I resorted to watching DIY videos to take my mind off of what’s happening around me. 

But, I also wondered if making DIY crafts is as easy as it looks so, I decided to make something myself (now that I had all time in the world to explore my ‘crafty skills’).

I stumbled upon a video of ‘how to make a simple yet quirky lampshade’ so I took on the challenge. 

But, just when I was ready with all my tools, I realized I would have to constantly play and pause the 12-minute-long video if I didn’t want to miss out on any crucial steps.

It was exhausting and messy AF. By the time I reached the end of the video at 2 AM (BTW, I started at 10 PM), I was tired out of my wits and I was seriously having major doubts about my plans.

There was glue and paint splashes all over the floor and, my shirt was ready to be used as a  poccha

The lampshade I ended up making didn’t look anything like the original one. It was flimsy, disproportionate and definitely not worthy enough to be showcased in my room, or anywhere else in the house. Sigh!

Also, my room looked like a crime scene that would take me another hour to clean up. So, clearly my over ambitious plan fell flat. 

That’s when I realised making DIY crafts definitely looks easy on screen but, if you are a beginner in this space, you’ll definitely end up with something that doesn’t look anything close to the original. 

However, with so many DIY craft tutorials online, I thought people might have gotten a hang of this DIY craft thing by now but, to my surprise even they are struggling. 

Well, at least I learnt my lesson. I am never going to believe any DIY videos ever again. 

And, now that I know I suck at DIY, I’ll just stick to Netflix and chilling alone. 
PS: Stay indoors. Stay safe.