They say actions speak louder than words. They’re right, whoever they are. And Mamta didi is no exception to the rule. The reason why she speaks so less *ahem* is because she conveys everything via her gestures. She says it best when she says nothing at all.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look yourself.

1. “Kyun hansoo? Meri shaadi ho rahi hai kya?”

Source: Deccan Chronicle

2. “ Toh maine kaha Babaji Ka Thullu!”

Source: India

3. “Who did you just call fat?”

Source: Troll-e-azam

4. “ Unchi hai building, lift teri bandh hai.”

Source: Bharat Kalyan

5. “And the reason is youuu…”

Source: India Today

6. “Say that again, and I’ll poke you on Facebook.”

Source: Free Press

7. “Yes, I just started using Dove. Can you tell?”

Source: In

8. “ Kyun nahin laaye aap mere liye video game?

Source: Outlook India

9. I’m going to pretend biting my thumb and when nobody’s looking, I’ll quickly pick my nose.

Source: The Hindu

10. “Bro, she’s way out of your league!”

Source: Outlook India

11. “Putting on my best cute face for a selfie!”

Source: Sify

12. “I can be whoever I want to be. I want to be Arya Stark.”

Source: Wonder Woman

13. “Look, look, he’s bending! Did you see his butt crack?”

Source: Bollywood Studio

14. “I’m going to make a duckface to distract people, so they don’t realize I’m scratching my crotch.”

Source: ProKerala

15. “Hostel mein daal do Rahul Ko. Apne aap sudhar jaayega.”

Source: Limty Khare

16. “Listen na, is there maangsho stuck in my teeth?”

Source: Firstpost

17. “You’re not Daler Mehndi? Kya yaar…

Source: Rediff

18. “There’s this thing called 9gag. It’s super LOL.”

Source: IBN Live

19. “ Yahi bheje jaa raha hai tabse Candy crush ke invites!”

Source: Dailymail India

20. “Noooo… you can’t click me like this. I’m not wearing lip gloss.”

Source: GG2

21. “Oh you think I should be more optimistic? Here, happy now?”

Source: FirstPost

22. “ Abey tez chala na! Dhoom nahin dekhi kya?”

Source: Frontline

23. “You shouldn’t have left Bill alone at home.”

Source: Dailymail

24. “Whoa whoa whoa, did I say you could touch my paunch?”

Source: Outlook India

She got swag and she know it. Haters gonna hate. Peace!