As if ‘Why are men?’ wasn’t enough, it’s now ‘Why are upper-caste men?’

In the most nauseating, gut-churning, repulsive text chain, a Brahmin guy stuck in the dinosaur era attempts to assert dominance via his pseudo sense of superiority by declaring his caste as supreme. He views this as a form of flirting. Men if you’re reading this, this is how you die a virgin. 

Read it here if you dare:

Imagine being so bland that your entire personality revolves around flexing a caste that led a system of oppression with a 4000-year-old history of violence, abuse, and slavery among other heinous crimes.

Naturally, Twitter was outraged at this dude’s audacity. 

Men like this don’t just appear out of thin air. They are groomed and nurtured by embedding a sick sense of Bramhinical superiority that continues to be prevalent in modern-day India, whether you accept it or not. Casteism is like a cockroach. Jitna bhi maro, kabhi marega hi nahi.