What do you do when the panic of Corona is coursing through your veins but you also have to urgently travel? Well, you'd wear a mask, gloves, glasses and bathe in sanitizer to keep yourself safe, what else, right? 

Source: The Financial Express

Well, but this guy wore a full-body dinosaur costume as a hazmat suit to protect himself against the pandemic, while he was in the Miami. Pictures of his creative and safe airport look are going viral:

No this is not a joke and no Halloween did not come early this year, this T-Rex suit is literally shielding this man from the pandemic. And this is hands-down, the safest and quirkiest airport look we have ever seen. 

The man was seen collecting his boarding pass and checking in his luggage in the adorable oversized costume. 

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

And if you think he changed into his normal clothes after the security check and procedures, he didn't. He literally walked into the aircraft like that. I am not kidding you. 

Netizens are going crazy over this innovative, makeshift yet OTT hazmat suit. 

Science and evolution have really come a long way. There was literally a dinosaur in a plane.