We’re a democratic country. So, janta’s opinion matters and is usually given some consideration. And everyone has the right to speak up and voice their concerns, even if they appear a little random to others. For instance, Lokendra Sothiya’s complaint against a liquor shop in Madhya Pradesh. 


Private car parking operator, Lokendra Sothiya sent a letter to Madhya Pradesh’s home minister Narottam Mishra to complain that the bottles of liquor he bought didn’t give him a ‘kick.’ 

And he suspects the liquor vend in Kshirsagar Ghati area of Ujjain is committing fraud by diluting the alcohol with water. *10/10 for the swagger and confidence to say what he wanted to say!*

Sothiya got into an argument with the vendor and ultimately resorted to sending a letter to the local excise department office about this. He then sent the same copy to MP’s home minister, and now plans on going to the consumer forum with the matter. 

The liquor vend staff asked me to go away and dared me to do whatever I can against the vend, after which I complained the matter to the local excise department office and also sent its copy to the state’s home minister Narottam Mishra. I came to know that a team of excise department had visited the concerned liquor outlet and conducted an investigation on Saturday. But with no punitive action having been taken till now against the liquor outlet for selling water in name of the liquor, I’ll move the consumer forum in the matter on Monday.

-Lokendra Sothiya told The New Indian Express

He will also be presenting two bottles of the liquor as evidence for the case. Sothiya had originally bought four bottles with his friend Nirmal Chourasiya, and after consuming two of them, he felt that the liquor shop is duping people!


Talk about fighting for a cause!