It’s easy to blame someone for your lousy decisions -so you don’t have a guilt trip later. And, of course, men have been doing that for decades now. Do I even need to list down those things? Hell no!

Recently, a woman took to Reddit to share how her husband blamed her for not waking him up for work, and because of it, he got a notice from his workplace. Yep, it was the woman’s fault because he couldn’t get his ass off to work.  

Narrating the incident, the woman shared that their marriage of more than a decade is in the toilet and they can’t separate due to financial reasons. But his sleeping patterns have created a haywire situation in both of their lives. 

We’ve been together for over a decade and I’ve always been someone who wakes up an hour or more sooner than needed while he’s the type of person who will leave to the airport 20 minutes before his flight leaves, so over the years we’ve gotten into a routine where I wake him up since he usually sleeps through his alarms. But due to our current issues and us being more of roommates than spouses, I have stopped waking him up. 

Following the day on her off, she nudged her husband once and asked him to wake up but he asked her to bugger off. 

He ended up arriving to work 3 hours late and came home with a final writeup. If he shows up late again or calls out without a doctor’s note or a really good excuse, then he’ll be fired. He blamed me for not waking him up in time and said that all the writeups were my fault too. I kind of flipped out on him but it came down to “If you don’t want to be my husband then I’m not going to treat you like one.

People are clearly pissed with this person and are calling him out for his reckless choices. 

You can read the whole incident here:

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