In the quest to find a soulmate, we all are exploring eclectic options. Recently, a woman decided to marry herself in an ‘act of self-acceptance’.

As per reports, a man hailing from Arkansas in the US is in a serious relationship with his car. Oh wait, the reports also claim that they have sexual relations too. 

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Meet Nathaniel, whose key to a happy relationship is his car, a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, nicknamed Chase. 

I’m in a serious relationship with my car. It was love at first sight. His body and his interior and everything just together seemed to fit. I felt an instant connection.
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In a documentary from 2012, Nathaniel talked about his relationship with Chase. He shared how he communicates with his car telepathically and even has sex in numerous positions.

Nathaniel had a keen interest in cars as a teenager, but it changed into a romantic relationship when he met Chase. Though he kept the relationship a secret but revealed it to his friends, family, and the world with the documentary Objectophilia that came out on TLC in 2012.

I guess the reason I don’t tell a lot of people is because I don’t know the response I’m gonna get. I always worry about that little bit of disgust that somebody may have. If everybody found out I’d be worried that it may affect my job but I love him to death, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Talking about he adores his relationship with his car, he said:

It really bothers me when he gets dinged or scratched. If something were to happen to Chase my heart would stop. We have our times where things get sexual. What we do most often is, I like to lean over his fender and across his hood.

Nathaniel also mentioned how he is worried about people’s judgments but said, “If everybody found out, I’d be worried that it may affect my job, but I love him to death, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

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