If you have been lucky enough to travel in the Indian Railways, you know that it ensures a pretty entertaining journey. You meet new people and strike up conversations in the most candid way with people you’ve never met before. Each scene that plays out is pretty cliched, but still so mesmerising. Uncles debating about politics, and aunties talking about their mutual interests, every conversation is amusing in itself. Ah! Such bliss. 

But this dude found something really awesome, kept himself entertained and also live-tweeted everything he witnessed. No details spared. 

And trust me, after reading this you would love to travel by the Indian rail service. 

Now that’s a great way to approach. I think. 

Oh now that’s some big move right there. 

Ain’t he swift?

Just feeling up some fabric.

Wow! He’s fast.

What is this guy on?

LMAO! First world problems!

Nooo…Make a decision damn you!

Ah! Just got carried away there.

After all, education is important kids.

Now, wait. Who gave her funding?

Exactly my point, dude!

Now this is called being dedicated to a cause. We should all learn from him, people.

I agree, kiss him already.

Ah! She’s TamBrahm. 

Education is the hot topic, I think.

Hey come on, that Airtel girl gets enough abuses.

He’s just too patient, man!

Haha! You know nothing, girl.

Wait, where are you off to?

Perseverance is key, after all. 

Now that’s some trivia we can all use. 

Oh come on, you guys! Now I officially feel bad for the boy.

Yeah! Drop that name girl! 

Airtel-0 Bad karma for Airtel- 100

Now, you ought to have known this.

Already so much passion between these two.

These co-founders are really slow. Just saying.

Mum story dropped and girl scores one!

2% can be a lot folks!

Tension brewing, already?

Fraandship ki kasam!

You should definitely take the offer. I know I would.

Woohoo!! FINALLY!

Aww..ain’t he professional? And yes, kiss now? 

Now that’s double score, right there!

Random trivia, I guess.

And I thought it was over. Very subtle. 

Oh no! Is it over?

Now everybody knows!

Huh! Whoever said that.

Eavesdropping is perfectly fine if you can get couple of tweets from it, right? Is it? I think.