This story is a legit saat samundar paar moment that is no less than a Bollywood movie romance. A Vietnamese man decided to raft all the way from Thailand to India to meet his wife, who works in Mumbai.

Meet Ho Hoang Hung who had not seen his wife since the pandemic and decided to row 2,000 kilometres on a rafting boat from Thailand to Mumbai to reunite with his wife. 

The 37-year-old man was prepared to cross the Bay of Bengal during the start of the cyclone season to reunite with his wife.


As per reports, Ho was seen paddling on an inflatable boat near Similan Islands, about 80 kilometres off the Thai mainland. The fishing boat found him and alerted the navy’s maritime security unit, who rescued him.

The Captain Pichet Songtan from the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre said:

We have contacted the Vietnamese embassy as well as the Indian embassy but have not had a reply yet.

Ho Hoang Hung was found by the security unit with an empty water bottle, about 10 packets of instant noodles, and no map, compass, GPS, or clothes.

He initially flew to Bangkok on March 2 but couldn’t travel further without a visa. So he took a bus from Bangkok to Phuket.

On 5th March he bought an inflatable boat and decided to paddle almost  2,000 kilometres to India.

Furthermore, the officials said he will be returned to Phuket for further investigation. 

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