A techie who goes by the name of TechLead recently listened to his heart and tweeted out his unfiltered opinion. Lucky for him and extremely unfortunate for us, his heart is as shallow as the gutter water infested streets of Bangalore. 

In a sexist Twitter thread, he revealed some highly berating stances and regressive judgement that is outright hazardous to society:

Yes, Elon Musk of all people is the supreme authority on the declining birth rate. 

Bestie, if you see women as nothing more than breeding stock – that’s discrimination. And men and women are equal contributors in rearing a healthy family. While women might be the ones to bear life in their womb, it is as much the man’s duty to nurse and nurture that very foetus. If as a man you think you can dump the entire responsibility on women – that’s you being a chauvinist pig. 

A family is a beautiful gift, not a cage meant to strip you of your autonomy and confine you. If it is, why don’t men give up their independence and prioritize being good fathers and husbands instead? Problem solved.

What world is this guy living in? 

The only people he is giving a voice to are fellow bigots and sexist assholes who think of women as beneath them. 

Twitter was equally enraged by this man’s unabashed misogyny: 

I would like to end this with a message to TechLead on behalf of all women: “Fuck you!”