Spotting the social distancing circles in public areas has become our new normal. While they ensure that everybody minds the 6-feet gap, sometimes they can also make situations comical. 


Government being the government, drew the social distancing circles in the weirdest possible places inside a railway station in West Bengal. 

That’s not all, the local Netizen decided to channelize his inner unofficial Ninja and accepted the challenge of staying inside these oddly marked circles, even if it meant taking uncomfortable positions to fit inside the circle. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great initiative for social distancing but I’m no gymnast or a yoga guru to squat or lunge just to be in a queue and neither is half of India. 

How many of you remember playing paper dance at birthday parties, as kids? I don’t know why but these pictures look like the last stage of paper dance when the paper would be folded into the smallest bit and you’d somehow have to balance on it. 

Well, thanks to the generosity of Twitter user MiishNottyAna a.k.a Anamika for sharing this gold with the world, here are all the uncomfortable painful pictures you need to see to make your backache worse.  

Twitter has created its own meme ‘circle’ after seeing this hilarious photoshoot: 

Moral of the story? Whatever curveball 2020 has in store for us, we’ll manage to score a sixer, even if that means going over backwards