Yesterday when the world was waiting for Messi to score his first goal of the Russia World Cup, and all the spotlight on the pitch was on him, it was Diego Maradona who stole the show off the pitch.


Soon after Argentina’s victory over Nigeria he was rushed to the hospital, and as the reports suggest, he is fine now.

The football legend displayed his myriad emotions at the stands and Twitter as usual couldn’t keep calm. 

Bhoot pret?

Remember that uncle at the last wedding you attended?

Life would be so interesting.

Maradona Forever.

And I am checking my phone for this new emoji.


Twitter plunged into solving the powder mystery…

… and those of the men around Maradona.


The comparison though.

Do you also watch too much movies?

Maradona is the gift that keeps on giving.

More coming on the way.

Deigo, has indeed given us the greatest meme of all time.