Celebrity Twitter accounts are generally formal, calculated and mostly pretentious. Precisely why we can’t thank their parody accounts enough for spicing up things a little bit. One such famous personality is Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg. We chanced upon a Twitter parody account of Mark & it turned out to be so honest, it almost hurt!

Being the privacy invader that Facebook is, Twitter parody account “Not Mark Zuckerberg” says things we suspect the real Mark Zuckerberg would write in his personal diary every night.

So, here are some of the most brutally honest tweets by “Not Mark Zuckerberg” that you can’t afford to miss out on:


1. Facebook’s Twitter account is having a hard time keeping its shit together.


2. Mark, the truth bombs hurt!


3. Mark, stahp!


4. So, a compilation of “year in review” videos?


5. Alright, alright.. I’m logging in!


6. So are you, Mark. So are you.


7. Don’t be like Mark.


8. #FamilyGoals


9. I see you, spammer Mark!


10. Mark Zuckerberg, the Santa Claus our generation deserves.


11. Mark Zuckerberg, the real Grinch!


12. It’s a difficult day at the Facebook office on Halloween.




14. Could really use that!


15. Won’t even be surprised if that happened.


16. Yeah, so glad Facebook never asked me for a second app.


17. You put the ‘anal’ in ‘analog’, Mark.


18. We’re already doing that. You would know, Mark!


19. I’m gonna take a guess and say “you did”.


20. F**k you, fake Mark!


21. Disguise level: Facebook.


These brutally honest confessions were so depressing, I’m going to post about it on Facebook. Aaarghh!