Normally, you meet a person, you get interested, you get to know the person, you start liking the person and when you are in love, the thought of marriage crosses your mind. There are more things required for a marriage. Trust, for instance, and the belief that he/she is the right person for you.

But not in India. In this country, all you need is an excuse. Indian parents come up with the most absurd reasons to get their children hitched.

Don’t get us wrong. A marriage is a very important occasion in India but that doesn’t mean Indians need a valid reason for marriage.

Here are 23 of the weirdest reasons that can lead to a big fat Indian wedding:

1. You are getting old. You should get married.

OMG! 22 is so old.

2. You are going bald/growing fat/becoming ugly. You should get married.

Basically, for any physical change, marriage is the answer.

3. All your friends are getting married. You should also get married.

Talk about peer pressure!

4. You are getting bored. You should get married.

When people are bored in other countries, they just turn on the TV.

5. School done. College done. Job done. You should get married.

One more thing to cross off the check list.

6. Late marriage means late kids. You should get married.

So you want me to be a mother at 23?

7. How will your younger siblings get married? You should get married.

As if it’s illegal.

8. Sharma Uncle, Verma Aunty and all other relatives keep asking us about your marriage. You should get married.

Why don’t you get both of them married?

9. We want to be free from our ‘responsibility.’ You should get married.

Kya main aap pe itni badi bojh hun?

10. It’s your great-great-grandparents’ last wish. You should get married.

What about my wishes?

11. Acchha rishta hai. Ladka/ladki foreign se padh ke aaya/aayi hai. You should get married.

Wow! Sounds like I’ve won the lottery!

12. “Based on the current rate of divorce, getting married early is a better idea. Because in case you get divorced, you’ll still have a chance to marry someone else.” You should get married NOW.

WTF! How can you kill someone twice?

13. After getting married, your husband can drop you to/pick you up from work. You should get married.

Or maybe, we could just buy a car?

14. You are irresponsible. Shaadi ke baad logo mein reponsibility aa jati hai. You should get married.

And be responsible for one more person?

15. Because ” Mummy ko ladki pasand hai.” You should get married.

Awww… mera ladla beta!

16. Because ” Kabhi na kabhi toh shaadi karni hi hai.” You should get married.

So much samajhdaar .

17. Don’t you want free, unlimited, socially approved sex? You should definitely get married.

Without any fear from anyone in this world. Like a boss!

18. Because ” I need someone to help my mother with the household chores.” You should get married.

Why don’t YOU give her a hand then?

19. Because there is no Sh ubh Mahurat for the next 5 years. You should get married.

So, let us whack your WHOLE life down!

20. Because your parents and his/her parents have been best friends for the past 20 years. You should get married.

Beware the dangers of ‘zubaan dena.’

21. ” Abroad ghoomna hai? Shaadi kar lo, honeymoon foreign mein kar lena. ” Wow, you should definitely get married.

And I thought visa and passport are all that is required.

22. Bahut dino se ghar par koi bada family function nahi hua hai. You should get married.

If a celebration is all you want, can’t you just wait for Diwali?

23. This proposal is really good. If you miss this, you will regret it whole your life. You should get married.

So, after getting married, I won’t?

So, tell us which of these highly convincing reasons got you trapped? This article has been adapted from an epic Quora post.