Man is a social animal, said Aristotle. Quite clearly, Aristotle did not get married in the 21st century and he certainly did not use social networking sites. Today, the biggest platforms to socialize are these social networking websites. Each one of us are hooked to them, doling out every single detail of our lives on them while gathering quick glances of others. But amidst all sharing and updating, marriage happens. And man doesn’t remain a social animal anymore!

There are a hundred ways couples change after marriage and social networking behaviour is the first thing that takes a hit. Find out how!

1. Your relationship status on Facebook changes from happily single to happily married… and trust me, that’s just the beginning.

2. Sheela Tejwani becomes Sheela Kejwani on Facebook.

3. You prove your love to Mr Zuckerberg and make a joint FB account!

4. Your wedding photographs become your profile and cover pictures…

Until your first anniversary.


5. Your tags reduce from ‘with 34 others’ to ‘with 1 other’…

The ‘1 other’ is obviously your spouse.


6. Facebook notifications are directly proportional to your relationship status. No wonder your notifications drop from 250/day to 25/week!


7. Your check-ins sober down from Monkey Bar and Turquoise Cottage to Kingdom of Dreams and Pind Baluchi and sometimes… even this!


8. You block all exes to eliminate the risk of any controversial messages in your inbox!

9. You wipe out any traces of flames from your account.

Photos, videos, comments… everything… DELETE!

10. You can’t ‘like’ single girls’ pictures on Facebook unless you are pushing for a divorce.

11. Your passwords are as readily available to everyone in your family as Domino’s hunger helpline number.

12. Your relatives outnumber your friends in your friends list.


13. Your wild college photos are replaced by your honeymoon pics, Karva Chauth pics, hubby’s birthday pics, wife’s birthday pics, anniversary pics, your in-laws’ anniversary pics etc.


14. You come online at the most safest time slots of the day.

15. Your friends are never sure whether it’s you or your spouse who’s online from your account.

Aur bhai… kaisa hai saale… Oops… hello bhaabhi!

Wish you a happy married life! *Logging Off*