Martin Guptill, infamously remembered by Indian fans for dismissing MS Dhoni in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup, caught everyone’s attention with his on-field antics after the second T20I on Sunday. 

But this time he made the news for mouthing a Hindi expletive and not for playing outstanding cricket, which is usually the case.

Guptill, who ended up on the losing side, hogged all the limelight away from the performers of the game in split-seconds. 

This happened just after the game got over and Yuzvendra Chahal grabbed the mic to have a chat with Guptill on his ‘Chahal TV’. But the response he got from the Kiwi was more than just hilarious. 


As Chahal moved in to interrupt Rohit Sharma and Martin Guptill, who were having a chat in the middle of the ground, he said to the Kiwi batsman and said: 

What’s up boys? What’s up?

Guptill, who was clearly not expecting anyone to interrupt, reacted in the most desi style ever. Just like any other agitated Indian, Guptill replied saying: 

Kya be g**ndu?

In a fraction of seconds the intensity, of what Guptill had said, hit Chahal who lowered the mic in a hasty but unsuccessful attempt. 

Cricket Times

Here, watch the video. 

But all efforts from Chahal went in vain as the video went viral online and soon the golden words from Guptill were trending. 

Certainly another blinder from Guptill.