Have you ever seen a painting and wondered what the hell is going on? Looks like we have some answers for you. The folks handling the Twitter account Medieval Reactions add captions to the stuff you’d usually see at a museum and, other than being funny, they’re super relatable! Here are all the times they spoke to our soul.

When they understood our money troubles. 

And troubles with our exes.

When they put the pop in pop culture.  

When the painting had a better social life than us.  

When they understood our Monday morning struggle.

And our friendships. 

When they knew the truth about Twitter.  

And our parties. 

When they unearthed this epic photobomb.  

When they made the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference.  

When they understood midnight cravings. 

And our ‘adventure holiday’ woes. 

The most accurate description of a long-distance relationship.  

And men’s fashion. 

When they even made you question your ride.