From talking about sex to having an on-point fashion game, we love nanis who fear nothing. This savage and brutally honest nani has left us in splits.

This nani is making reels with her granddaughter, Variyata Singh Jaglan and they are hilarious. Let’s check ‘em out.

She stole our hearts when she said ‘itni badi tu nappy pehenegi‘ to a bodysuit. Relatable much?

When she said that ‘dhake munde ache lagde hai’, we all could imagine it in our own grandparent’s voice. Moreover, who doesn’t like Ranveer Singh?

She thought that her granddaughter’s Louis Vuitton pouch looked like the one bus conductors have. *it hurts*

She had a lot to say about Aditya Roy Kapur’s abs!

Nani keeps up with the latest trends. Right, pawri Nani?

“Yeh hum hai”.

“Yeh nani hai”.

“Aur hum pawri kar rahe hai”.

Here’s the heart-warming response people are sharing in comments.


You can see all her reels here

Note: all the images are taken from her Instagram.

This duo is too adorable to handle, right?