When a person wants something bad enough, they can go any distance to get it. And if it comes to food, they can go even further – gluttony is a hard sin to resist after all.

A man in Melbourne defied coronavirus restrictions and drove 32 km to his favourite restaurant to get a sweet hit of – wait for it – butter chicken. Now, he’s been given a $1652 fine for the same.

According to The Australian, police said the man was caught while driving from Werribee in the city’s west all the way to the CBD to buy a specific butter chicken.

The Australian

I don’t want to play devil’s advocate but damn, that’s pretty #Relatable. Lockdown had us all craving beyond reason at one point. And butter chicken is more addictive than crack.

There’s no information about whether the man had some kind of serious butter chicken problem, but maybe someone should hold an intervention?


As understandable as this butter chicken buff’s actions are, they’re still wrong. Everyone should remember that, especially me.

Please remember guys, no matter how good the chicken tastes, being alive tastes better.