After two years and almost three lockdowns, I guess we all can agree on the fact that our lives are a joke. Be it working from the comfort of your bedroom or travelling in jam-packed trains during mad rush hours, a corporate slave’s life never gets better.

Nonetheless, it feels better when we feel that we’re not alone. There are certain generous pages on Instagram like Humans of Corporate that are ready to nullify your pain by offering some rib-tickling and relatable memes. 

1. Not even a week’s prior notice?

2. We all have one Anthony Gonsalves within us. 

3. Work-life balance? We don’t do that here. 

4. ‘Mai’ apologies, sir. 

5. Subah-subah ‘taare’ dikh jaate hain. NGL. 

6. Sadly, no season is appraisal season. 

7. Daadi laughs from heaven above. 

8. Unpaid internship, where you at? 

9. Uday Bhai, a corporate slave in a parallel universe. Control. 

10. Haan, agar appraisal mil jaaye toh baat ban sakti hai..

Feel better now? Hell yes!