Winters are fun. Bonfires, Old Monk, chilly mornings… what’s not to like? But what really messes with our routine is the time right before winters. You know when it’s not that cold but not that hot either? Yeah, that time.

Here are some memes on the confusion we face right before winters arrive.

1. To boot or not to boot?

2. Yeh khel mujhe pasand nahi.

3. Toughest decision.

4. Kya yaar, mumma!

5. Okay okay, I’ll wear the 10000 sweaters. Don’t hit me.

6. Yeh mausam bada, ajeeb hai…bada, ajeeb hai…yeh mausam.

7. BRB, coughing my lungs out.

8. My name has been temporarily changed to Rudolph.

9. Make up your mind!

10. Not my fault if I’m sensitive!

11. *Khaun khaun*

12. I love the cold. It’s just like my soul.

13. I’m out of moisturiser already.

14. AC kisne band kiya!?

Winter? Come? No?