Dilli dilwalo ki sheher hai. Once you’ve lived in Delhi, every other city feels ordinary. From the gosht in Old Delhi to a high-end fine-dining restaurant in South Delhi, we have everything a city can offer. A Facebook page named Souled Monk decided to celebrate saddi Dilli with a series of infographics that sum up a few famous areas. 

Here are those brutally honest infographics:

1. People from all over Delhi visit North Campus for one reason only.


2. Satyaniketan is love. Satyaniketan is life.


3. Every single time.


4. At least Palika won’t burn a hole in your wallets.


5. If Nehru Place can’t fix your laptop, nobody else can.


6. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true.


7. Darwaazein daayi taraf khulenge.


8. Saket mein sab metro hi jaate hai.


9. Patparganj takes being shady to a different level.


10. Cyber Hub feels like a posh HKV.


11. Faridabad toh alag duniya hi hai.


“Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar. Bas ishq, mohabbat, pyaar…”