Do you like people? Are you a people’s person?

If yes, then f*ck you because people are the worst! Here are some memes you’ll relate to if you hate people just like me.

1. Why put your life at risk?


3. I need no help.

4. My only reason to want to be rich.

5. Please keep this in mind.

6. I am not scared.

7. I don’t belong here.

8. I never run out of them.

9. Oh, you know. Nothing?

10. Vroom, vroom motherfucker!

11. Vodka shots over people!

12. I like the doggo. Not the people.

13. Why do I do this to myself?

14. It’s an exhausting life.

15. Please, no!

16. Hate your kinds!

Do you feel me?

Please don’t.