Everyone loves winters – Holiday season, Christmas spirit, chilly mornings and hot cocoas.

Right? No! 

And fuck you if you’re one of those people. Winters are the worst. Everything is cold and my body is barely functional.

Here are some memes for people who feel way too cold during winters.

1. You’ll be sorry.

2. Can’t move.

3. Anything below 20 degrees Celsius is a sin.

4. Warmer!

5. God hates me.

6. Old Monk is my saviour.

7. There are never enough layers.

8. I’d rather walk on burning coal.

9. My co-workers hate me too.

10. Fuck off, Elsa.

11. And I definitely do not love it.

12. Since we cannot arrest mother nature.

13. Why is beer served chilled?

14. I’d prefer a cold heart over this.

15. JOMO.

16. I think my pee froze too.

My hands are cold from writing this article.