As we all know, several Hollywood stars and international personalities graced the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre gala in Mumbai recently. American model Gigi Hadid was one of them, and as she made an appearance for the event, the internet recalled something that connects India to Hadid and her ex partner Zayn Malik. There are an uncountable number of barber shops in our country which have posters of Malik on them, and people on Twitter couldn’t help but think about how Gigi would react if she came across one of them.

From pictures of the model herself, to epic GIFs, the internet has come up with some witty AF memes about Hadid’s hypothetical reaction.

Clearly, @theyaremysonss knows what’s up. It really is mostly this picture.

Maybe she’ll see these tweets and just be glad that she never came across such shops!