Do you live alone? Because if you do, you would know about the pains and joys that come with it.

Here are some memes that you will relate to if you live alone.

1. Best thing ever.

2. Why is being alive so expensive?

3. It better be a rat.

4. Oh, that’s just protocol.

5. Living alone has turned me into a loner.

6. Meet my friends.

7. Who needs more than one fork?

8. Fancy dress for one.

9. Some decisions get out of hand.

10. Now I’m dead inside.

11. Good vibes only.

12. I am the master of all now.

13. I like cuddling.

14. The main reason why I stay alone.

15. My pigsty is my pigsty. None of your pigsty.

16. I don’t want to die alone!

Gotta go. Someone’s at the door.