I get it. 

I get how busy you are, how your life’s totally happening, how you have a million parties to go – I get all of that.

But dude, even though I may not be running on a schedule as tight as yours, I happen to have a life too. There are things I plan or need to get done, and as unlikely as it may seem, I too have other friends I need to catch up with. 

Which brings me to the problem. If you’re planning such a happening life, it does mean you’re using your phone. Then why does typing out a response not come naturally at that moment? 


You have apps for everything, you’re always online, everything that can be done at the click of your phone’s button is done by you, then why in the name of hell does typing out some words seem a mammoth task?

You updated your lunch five minutes before my text and replied to comments 5 minutes later. Are you telling me you missed out on everything else that appeared on the screen of your phone?

Meme Super

Everybody knows you’re online, everybody knows you’ve read their messages, you should know this more than anyone else. Or do you just assume in your ever ignorant state that everybody is stupid?

I know you’ve read my messages. The blue ticks, the ‘seen’, *whispers* they’re a giveaway! What I don’t know is how you muster your power of ignorance and just whoosh past them.


And there’s the special brand who are kind enough to begin typing a message and then just as conveniently stop. You’re going to hell for making people hope against hope.

You see the message, you start typing out a response, decide midway you’d rather not, and then never respond. You, my friend, have a special place in hell. You’re beyond saving.


What would you think of someone who takes 10 full minutes to respond to their name? That’s what you seem like when you answer a text in 2 months. Why are you even bothering now?

What’s even the point, really? Why did you tire your hands out? Or waste your sense of sight or any other energy. Why did you invest at all? These are soul-wrenching questions! They deserve answers!


Sometimes, when you have gone out of your way and managed to send a reply, I know you’re just going through old messages and clearing your inbox.

What else could I possibly assume when you respond to a two-week old movie plan with the audacity of the monosyllable, ‘No’? What favour are you doing me?


When I send out a message asking for your opinion, it’s based on your general availability and the fact that I have seen you online on multiple platforms at that point. Also, it’s IMPORTANT.

But that one time you could make yourself useful, you disappear! You’re not anywhere!


The trouble is, I see you with your phone all the time. The irony that your ‘available’ status carries is not lost on me.

You’re always on the phone! You take it literally everywhere! In spite of which you conveniently unsee people asking important questions. Do you even know what that makes you?

Todd Hagen

It bothers me as much as it does you that this, texting, is the leading form of communication. Still, be a little courteous. Not everybody makes mundane conversations through text. So learn some manners. Respond.