Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan. He's a swanky man, with a swanky name and he's as swanky as a hommie can be! He wears clothes that defy all known fashion sense, and he carries it off with such great swag, you'll be lost for words!

Here are 21 pictures of the 'Messenger', that clearly point to the fact that he doesn't give a damn about what the world thinks about him:

1. The world is mah oyster.

2. I'm so cool, I wear a blouse for my rugby match!

3. Come with me, you underfed bouncers, let's partayyy!

4. Voldemort from inside the turban: " Pagdi dheeli kar, saans nahi aa rahi! "

5. Ghost Rider? Bitch please!

6. Optimus Prime hoga apne ghar pe saale.

7. I'm not waxing my arms. I'll go sleeveless anyway!

8. I don't care, I'm a princess. I have my tiara!

9. Hey you! Yeh dil tumpe aa gaya rey baby....

10. My guitar reads 'music' like my underwear reads 'balls'!

11. You guys wear the grenade jacket, I'm wearing my embroidered one!

12. I paid 5 crores for that mean blue machine, you bitches!

13. Damn right I can carry off pearl necklaces with a coolie shirt!

14. I salute you, O' dead dude!

15. Life is not a bed of roses. It's a throne!

16. Badly-photoshopped-Spartans, tonight we dine in hell!

17. I don't get to walk on the carpet? I'll wear the carpet then!

18. Thank you India, for making me the biggest star of all times! Love yall!

19. Who cares what you think? My cap, my rules!

20. Oh, I'm just too hawt!

21. Outta my way losers, you're getting mud on my blouse.

If he's the Messenger of God, then one thing is for sure, God's got style!