India has finally discovered its own Messi. No, we aren’t joking. This desi Messi, however, is grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons. Ye Messi pocket maarta hai. On Thursday, Delhi Police busted ‘Messi Gang’ which has been involved in pick-pocketing and other crimes.

Wait, there is more. The gang leader is named after Argentina’s football champion, Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi. Source: Tenor

Asian News International, the news agency (@ANI) took to Twitter to share that the four accused have been arrested by the police. 56 stolen mobile phones were also recovered from the gang members. The report also added that the gang leader is a footballer and has been involved in other cases including murder.

Here’s the tweet:

Reportedly, the four accused have been identified as Ajay Kumar, Pummy, Firoj Khan and Pinku Messi. Pinku is the leader of ‘Messi Gang’. According to IANS, the 43-year-old gang leader was inspired by Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

This crime report of fake Messi has become a topic of discussion on Twitter. Netizens can’t keep calm after registering that we have our own Messi aur humko hi nahin pata?

Let’s check out their reactions:

What a hilarious content to start your day with!

P.S. Jebkatron se saavdhaan (chahein wo Messi kyun na ho)!