The world is a pretty messed up place, but y’know the only other place known to mankind that’s even more messed up? The human mind. Dark, twisted and messed the f*ck up, the human mind can take you places that’d scare you, places that’d make you laugh… or perhaps both.

Comic artist Mike Organisciak created a series of devilishly hilarious comics featuring unforgiving reality and even more brutal fantasy, and if you have even a slight predilection for the darkies and twisties… well, thank us later.

1. Mom did the nasty with Not-Dad.

 2. Even monsters have feelings.

 3. Dogs are always effective security.

 4. Gettin’ down to business.

 5.Being on the same page in a relationship.

 6. Bacteria murderer!

 7. Some men just wish for the world to burn.

 8. Just forever alone things.

 9. Can’t argue with that.

 10. The true spirit of a winner.

 11. When paedophile-cupid strikes.

 12. This may be a costly visit.

 13. The end to all world hunger!

 14. Historical markings that reflect rich culture.

 15. That baby don’t give a f*ck.

 16. Men on duty.

 17. Make a wish. We dare ya.

 18. No, really, wishes are the best!

 19. ‘Cause they make dreams come true.

 20. And sometimes that’s the most f*cked up bit.

It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up, I LOL-ed pretty hard too. It’s just a joke, though. Doesn’t make you a bad person. Right..?

You can also check out more of Organisciak’s comics on Facebook and Bored Panda