You’d studied your a** off and had umpteen sleepless nights only to crack that one exam which can change your life (or so they claim). And then, once you’ve aced it, your entire existence swirls around it.

Fair enough, you’ve freaking earned it. So you have every right to brag about it as much as Sharma ji does for his son. Except, this time it went a little overboard. 

Twitter user shared a picture of Country Delight’s milk packet carrying the tag ‘founded by IIM alumni’. Yes, you read it right. 

This case of capitalising-on-degree has triggered a debate over whether a brand should be trusted based on its quality or its founders’ college tags. Looks like some are having a good time on Twitter. 

While some are pretty much in favour of this branding suggesting that there’s nothing wrong in building credibility. 

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Are you even an IIM alumni if you didn’t ‘milk’ your degree as much?