We know you fantasise about these, you naughty millennial. *wink wink*

1. A strong ‘connection’ before you sleep.

 2. For that body heat to keep you warm all night.

 3. A few mess-free nights.

 4. To feel the breeze with your squeeze.

 5. An uninterrupted blissful night.

 6. Satiating all kinds of cravings and desires. 

 7. Least amount of interruptions during your romance… with your bed.

 8. A dimly lit dark room to set the ‘mood’.

9. No soreness the morning after. 

 10. A fresh morning after a tiring long night.

 11. Things getting spontaneously heated up when you desire.

 12. Long hours of continuous… bed time.

13. And that oh so fresh feeling. 

So turned on!


Design Credits: Saloni Priya